Tim Richardson, CPA

My story

The short version is that I have a long and varied career working around the world. I'm strong at automation, being an experienced developer in modern technologies, I'm a CPA with CFO experience, and I've managed global supply chains. I was CFO (technically Finance Director) of two industrial groups in Europe (five factories), and before that, same role at an FMCG business supplying grocery and DIY in Western Europe. I've also been CFO of a global online business. Before this finance phase, I was an ERP and business intelligence developer and consultant. I have a strong academic background in Computer Science, Linguistics, Accountancy, and qualifications in production and inventory management. I also spent a few years doing some teaching in Certificate IV Small Business Management for the NEIS program at Holmesglen (government-sponsored new business scheme) which greatly improved my general communication skills when working with people who have lots of ideas but little experience with the legal and financial aspects of running a business.

I've lived in Asia through coups and crises, Europe when the Euro came in. I've had the fun of working with businesses running from alleys in Calcutta to German factories depositing nanometre layers of materials for quantum-effect optical filtering. I was lucky enough to spend a lot in time in Poland as it re-integrated with Western Europe, and now I'm back in Australia.

I love the way technology can help people do things better. I love smaller businesses because people know why they are doing things, and they have a lot of fun doing it. I love cloud technologies because it means all this comes together: I get to help SMEs access technologies which exceed what top 100 companies had ten years ago. It's catastrophic for legacy IT vendors, but great news for fast adopters.

Longer version.

"After an international career where I was selected and fast tracked into senior finance roles on the back of my IT and CIO experience, I was amazed when I returned to Australia to see the isolation between finance and IT. In a world where "data science" is the hot new job overseas, I came back to a compliance-focused corporate world and an SME sector struggling with inflexible systems providing almost no useful business insight. Yet this was a country which had left behind its tradition of protection. After seeing how unusual my skill set and perspective is, I started GrowthPath to work with SMEs looking to build on points of difference. Taken even small businesses through a generational leap in business IT is very fulfilling. Luckily there are business owners and senior managers who are looking for change, and the demand has been overwhelming".

In 2015 and 2016 Tim has spoken at accounting conferences across Australia on simplified forecasting and other topic relating to added-value finance teams. He works with CPA Australia to help corporates implement finance transformation, and he delivers in-house programs with ICA and CPA PD hours awarded. He is also involved with some teaching and developing materials for the NEIS program to launch new businesses. 

GrowthPath's busiest activity in 2015 and 2016 has been helping SMEs move to integrated cloud ERP and ecommerce solutions. Having been involved in countless ERP and business intelligence projects around the world, GrowthPath eliminates some key risks and conflicts by being vendor neutral and doing fixed price work. While we are vendor neutral, we have formal partnerships with leading players, such as Xero, Unleashed, Dear Inventory and Neto. Tim leads all projects, so the volume of projects GrowthPath works on is quite small. Tim's extensive experience in integration means he focuses on simple system with fast implementations. From the beginning, the end result targets profitable growth by enhancing the points of difference. This means developing good KPIs and even rolling out bonus schemes and balanced scorecards to build alignment. 


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Tim Richardson was an ERP developer and consultant when he was recruited by Philips Asia Pacific to join the Finance function. After five years in SE Asia (completing his Masters), he moved to the Global HQ of Philips Lighting in the Netherlands where he was Controller of the European Retail lamps business and then Finance Director of a group of four factories and a Chinese sourcing operation, at the same time completing his CPA exams. He played a key role in major streamlining of budgeting, closing and forecasting activities, bringing a much strong commercial focus and radically faster cycle times. Along with the introduction of a European transactional shared service centre and the rollout of new IT, these projects transformed the role of the finance teams attached to business management. 
After returning to Australia, Tim helped emerging businesses raise equity and then took a CFO role preparing an online retail business for sale, which meant upgrading systems, audit and then the sales process.
Tim grew up in Mansfield, attending Mansfield High School. He was a scholar at Queen's College, University of Melbourne. He has lived and worked in Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, the Philippines, China, Malaysia, France, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. He has extensive global supply chain experience both in manufacturing and wholesaling consumer and high-tech products. 
He has been programming since the age of 11, and learnt paper-based double-entry bookkeeping at about the same time as Treasurer for a junior sporting club. 


  • CPA (Australia)
  • CPIM
  • Masters of Accountancy (CSU, Distinction).
  • Bachelor of Science (Melb, Computer Science, H1 avg)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Melb, Linguistics)