Cin7 Core (Dear) 3PL Integration

The GrowthPath 3PL integration is a modular integration supporting custom logic and sophisticated optional modules. 



The GrowthPath 3PL is a semi-customised three PL approach allowing customer-specific logic built on a range of optional modules (reuse of existing customer requirements). These can be adapted and customised as required.
A solution like this takes longer to deploy and is more expensive. However, it allows you to add customer value by differentiating your fulfilment flow, and it allows you to introduce advanced efficiencies.


Advanced Modules

Described below in more detail

  • Order Header Rewriting (Location Change, Carrier/Service Level Change)
  • Bundles
  • BOM Expansion
  • Auto Pick incl auto Backorder Pick
  • Partial Fulfilment Auto Invoicing
  • Order Splitting/Rerouting based on rules
  • POs/inbound stock
  • Returns/RMAs

Business Scalability

  • Supports multiple 3PLs 
  • High transaction volumes

File Exchange Options

  • Flat File exchange via FTP/SFTP
  • XML exchange
  • API exchange via webhooks and batch
  • Custom exchange options

Front End Options: zero touch mode (fully automatic) or via a portal. 

Zero Touch Mode

In Zero Touch mode, orders are sent to the ThreePL when they reach the trigger stage, which can be Authorised Pick or Authorised Pack.

Processing happens automatically and the order is fulfilled in Con7 Core when completed at the Three PL. Tracking information is written in Cin7 Core as it becomes available.

3PL progress is communicated via a status message on an Additional Attribute.

Errors in this mode are sent via email. 



For more advanced use, GrowthPath has a 3PL portal, which shows an overview of orders in progress, 3PL file information, and advanced filtering and order fulfilment overviews.

The portal includes views to assist with backorder management


The portal also shows XML messages which can be handy for troubleshooting


Stock Sync

The ThreePL integration will fetch stock levels from the 3PL. 

It has reporting of 3PL stock levels vs Cin7 Core


You can adjust differences manually. There is also the option to make a draft Stocktake to force Cin7 Core (Dear) stock to agree


The GrowthPath 3PL integration supports batch and serial numbers if required. You can also allow only the 3PL to manage this detail.

It supports reconciliation of stock positions and stock difference reports

The standard flow is to complete the fulfilment in Dear based on 3PL confirmation of completion. Tracking numbers and URLs can be written back to Dear at this point, or later. 


Advanced Modules

All Advanced Module logic is customisable according to requirements. For example, you may want to control this behaviour by sales channel or location.

These modules were all developed to support various customer requests

Location change

 The GrowthPath Order Header rewriting module uses webhooks to react to order authorisations. It can change the order location (for a Click and Collect order, or for any type of customised logic required)

Carrier/Service Level Rewrite

You can provide custom rules to set Carrier/Service Levels, on the basis of customer, destination, product and more.


If you need bundles or logic to insert lines to orders, the module will rewrite the order. It is controlled by a cloud spreadsheet-style front end including activation dates. This feature is for bundles which are not encoded in Cin7 Core. Unlike using Kits, this module has start and end dates. It will rewrite order pricing per line if required, while keeping the order total unchanged. 

BOM Expansion

You can expand Cin7 Core (Dear) BOMs on the order, including for multi-level BOMs.  This module exposes components on the order, but shows all required components on one pick list.

Auto-pick / Auto Backorder Filling

This module will auto-pick orders where possible. 

You can control whether this will allow partial fulfilments or not. 

This usually runs on a schedule, and usually fills the oldest order first, meaning that receipt of stock (or returns) will automatically pick backorders, if required.

Partial Fulfilment Invoicing

Creates an invoice matching what was shipping. Cin7 Core’s automatic invoicing will invoice in full. The GrowthPath module invoices only what has been shipped. It actually calculates the difference between was has been invoiced so far and what has been shipped so far.

Order Splitting

This module will split an order in multiple fulfilments at different locations with custom logic. This allows you to despatch orders from stock locations nearer to the customer, or to use retail stock for faster fulfilment of online orders. 

POs/Inbound Stock

Developed according to requirements


Returns and RMA handling can be added according to requirements

Deployment and Cost

The GrowthPath 3PL integration is hosted on a client-specific instance of the GrowthPath Application Server, which hosts an advanced cache of Dear data and a sophisticated middleware library enabling many advanced integrations. . 


Costs will range from USD $5000 upwards. 

The fee will be one time cost.

Use of any GrowthPath integration requires a subscription to the GrowthPath application server, which has monthly cost of USD $70 a month. This charge is a global charge regardless of the integration in use. Very high transaction uses may see slightly higher charges.