Accounting, Finance and IT services for small business

GrowthPath SAS: Short Assignment Services

Designed for smaller businesses, these are short and effective projects with quick impact.

smallBus1Online business

smallBus2Coaching in cashflow management and decision making

CFO adviceCustomer and product profitability

smallBus4Outsourcing services overseas

smallBus5Save money and increase collaboration with cloud computing

smallBus6Finance system upgrades (replacing MYOB)

{mooblock=Online business}


An online presence and a database of customers will make your business worth more when the time comes to sell it or seek more funding.
Our online experience will help you get online cheaply and quickly, avoid common fraud and operational problems, and work out how an approach to online business that avoids the trap of competing on price with with low-margin pure-online competitors. {/mooblock}

{mooblock=Coaching in cashflow management and decision making}

smallBus2Tim Richardson teaches Small Business management at Holmesglen. From basic cashflow forecasting and management through to recognising good business Opportunities need fast decisions. Business results need good decisions. GrowthPath specialises in making sure your finance team is telling you what you need to know about where your profit comes from, how you are managing cash flow and the best ways to grow. Your finance support may be an in-house team, an external book-keeper and accountant, or a mix. GrowthPath will work with you and your finance support to give you better, more focused reporting and insights. Improvements will be in the speed of your reporting, and its relevance to the performance of your business. Read more:Improved SME decision support  and Read more:A new mission for Finance{/mooblock}

{mooblock=CFO On-call}

smallBus3Tim and Alan are highly experienced financial controllers and CFOs, with turnaround successes in retail, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing operations. Almost at a glance, your CFO On-call can see where you can optimise cash. There is a big difference between a business-focused approach and traditional accounting; this is an opportunity to consult with an experienced, commercially-oriented finance professional.

If you are considering an investment or acquisition, good modelling can help you make the decision, and it can help you understand what risks are the most crucial to manage.

We build confidence with lenders by presenting high quality financial reports, forecasts and business plans.

When the time comes to sell your business, CFO On-call knows what business valuers will look for, and how to make your business worth more. {/mooblock}

{mooblock=Win from the high AUD: outsource overseas!}

smallBus4Did you know that there are broker websites that allow you to access skilled overseas people for low rates? With the strong AUD, you can access overseas skills for a fraction of local costs. This can save you money, and means you can afford projects previously out of reach. For example, you can dramatically reduce costs for graphic design, marketing materials and routine clerical tasks. However, using these sites effectively requires some techniques. The required skills are familiar to IT project managers: you need to define carefully what you need.{/mooblock}

{mooblock=Cut costs and gain flexibility with cloud computing}

cloud ComputingMany people know about app stores for their iPhone: at a click, get an app. That’s available for businesses too: it’s called cloud computing. Google Apps is a well known example. Accounting, backup, and marketing apps are available with a few clicks. They are charged per month at low rates, and require no servers, upgrades or installation at your end. They work on Macs, PCs and Linux, and often have Android, iPad and iPhone versions as well. Cloud apps don't care if you are working from home, the office, a client site or anywhere else with an internet connection. Software that used to cost thousand of dollars now becomes very affordable. There are some downsides, but cloud computing is  very convincing.

Cloud computing also gives your business amazing team-work tools like shared calendars, simultaneous, live edits of documents from any computer connected to the internet and huge email inboxes protected by extremely good anti-virus and anti-spam filters. Google docs does all this, and for fewer than 50 users, it’s free.

You save money, time and gain big-business ability to work securely and remotely from anywhere in the world. {/mooblock}

{mooblock=New finance IT system? Save money, time and risk with a vendor-neutral project advisor}

MsmallBus6any small business who do accounting in-house use MYOB or Quickbooks, which are designed more for book-keeping than understanding business financials. MYOB is popular for good reasons, but it is easy to outgrow. Our principal consultant, Tim Richardson, is an expert in negotiating software pricing, implementing new systems and transferring data from MYOB to new systems, and more importantly, setting up new systems to make a real difference. Most of the cost of a new system is consulting costs; GrowthPath will slash these by choosing only what is necessary, negotiating and overseas outsourcing of some time-consuming steps.{/mooblock}