A hidden gem: Neto/Saasu Integration

Neto is an excellent hosted online store. It handles wholesale and retail very well (simultaneously), and has the best-on-the-market integration with Australian shippers, anywhere. Better than Unleashed, Dear Inventory, Shopify ...

On top of that, Neto looks after multiple price lists, variations, multiple stock locations,has a decent template engine, a fast backend, good ebay integration. It does backorders like MYOB, which is actually much more suited for smaller wholesalers than the current approach of Dear and Unleashed. A startup from Queensland with Telstra as a significant shareholder. It's not perfect: It doesn't do multi-currency, its reporting is average. And it has no purchasing module. It doesn't do supplier invoices, receipts and costing. For this, is expects you to integrate it with something else. A Neto / Saasu integration offers a lot for the money.


A typical solution may be Neto + Xero  + Unleashed (or Dear Inventory). This is a good solution but expensive. 

While you do get a very capable inventory solution, this approach costs more. Saasu is a chance to take advantage of Neto's power without spending hundreds of dollars each month.

Neto's shipper integration, and Neto's shipper integration is, for Australians, light years ahead of the native offer of Unleashed or Dear. As well, Neto has more advanced mobile picking. Neto actually offers surprisingly good inventory management, if you can overlook the missing purchasing module. But you really can't overlook it though: it means you are forced to increase Neto's stock with manual adjustments, and since Neto doesn't want to know about supplier invoices, forget about average costing. 

Enter Saasu. Saasu has a basic inventory module ... basic,  but it does support purchasing and weighted average costing. Neto has an add-on accounting integration module, and it will use Saasu's module to provide a simple but workable full supply chain solution. Right now, Neto only offers this with Saasu and Neto says that Xero stock integration is not on the horizon. You could fall back on the periodic method of calculating gross margin, but this throws away a lot of important margin insight. (For periodic vs perpetual, read this), and Neto's API and CSV import are both very good, so the process of adjusting stock can be automated fairly easily, but Neto + Xero alone is not a great solution.

A Saasu/Neto integration offers only a fairly primitive supply chain solution. But it is one less system needed compared to the Neto/Xero/Unleashed solution, and you can use Neto to its full power. It may be worth considering. 

To read more about Saasu and Neto integration, here is Neto's official guide. Note that your Neto subscription needs to include the accounting module, so check your price research carefully:

Neto Saasu integration: the official complete-how to guide