Dear Systems (Dear Inventory) to Zoho CRM Integration


GrowthPath has a connector between Dear and Zoho CRM which runs off our GrowthPath Application Server. Full Documentation

This is an advanced connector which has logic and mappings that go well beyond the capabilities of Zapier-style connectors. It is robust, handles very high transaction volumes and uses the advanced caching, server monitoring and other performance features of the GrowthPath Application Server.



The sync currently does a Dear to Zoho CRM push of Dear Customer to Zoho CRM Accounts and Dear Contacts to Zoho CRM Contacts. All Contacts belong to a Customer on the Dear side, and are therefore assigned to that Zoho Account.

If you have custom fields in your Zoho Accounts, Contacts or Deals, we can write logic to populate them based on Dear contents and business rules.

You can control which stages of the Dear lifecycle get mapped to which of your Zoho pipeline stages, and for each of these stages you can assign a confidence percentage of winning the deal.

You map the Dear sales person to the Zoho Deal owner, and account owner. All Zoho Accounts are owned by the Zoho user selected by the sales rep mapping logic, which chooses a Zoho user based on the Dear sales representative (more below). If your Dear Sales Rep exactly match your Zoho users, no mapping is needed.

The sync will push Dear quotes to Zoho Deals. Mapping rules below control this. As the Dear sale moves through its lifecycle, the Deal in Zoho CRM can have its stage changed. 

A representation of the quote lines are saved to the Deal quote, in the description field.



Full Documentation


This is compatible with all versions of Zoho CRM and CRM Plus.



Deployment uses the GrowthPath Application Server and a one-off fixed price fee.