Measuring procurement: The Purchasing Efficiency KPI

Since procurement is vital for margin and profitability, an objective way to measure the effectiveness of procurement is essential. That's what Purchasing Efficiency does. It's a KPI which corrects for factors beyond the control of procurement, and measures the financial contribution of procurement.

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Mission and vision statements are ridiculous. If you agree, time to learn about the balanced score card for SMEs. An idea from the 1990s which is a genuine classic.

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A really good example of taking a decision about risk is currency risk. This risk is easy to measure, and easy to insure against via "hedging". Sometimes risk hedging throws away an opportunity to outperform competition. Risk hedging may cost more than you realise; for some businesses, currency risk can be turned to advantage. The profit of a businesses come from taking the right risks. This discussion of hedging currency risk is an illustration of how to decide to insure against a risk, or to turn into a source of profit.

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Can free shipping generate a sustainable advantage for an online retailer? There are right ways and wrong ways to do free shipping ... backed by research.

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Business Plans that don't explain business value are almost useless

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GrowthPath business plans help unlock the funding and focus needed to grow your business.

Since 2008, Tim Richardson has been helping Australian businesses access money needed for growth. He also launch new businesses (and he teaches Small Business Management as a visiting trainer at the Holmesglen Business Enterprise Unit).

What is the key to GrowthPath's business planning success?

Our business plans focus on proving how your business will become valuable. The plan and the financial model are closely integrated. Our plans are customised to each specific business, and use comprehensive, objective market research. We clearly explain what makes your business special, and why it is hard to copy.

Our approach is a proven choice if you're looking to sell your business, raise funds for expansion or understand the best options for growth.

Each business is a special combination of a market opportunity and your unique way of serving that opportunity. Those are the two key aspects of a business with potential to make money. Using off-the-shelf business plan templates means you get a me-too business plan, which makes the unique opportunity of your business very obscure. That's why most business plans get a thirty second glance from the money people. Writing a generic business plan is easy and proves nothing.

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