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GrowthPath provides fixed-price, vendor-neutral, fixed price evaluations and implementations of integrated cloud solutions, partnering with leading players Xero, Saasu, Dear Inventory, Unleashed, Neto and a range of cloud CRM. We implement low-cost business intelligence solutions using Pentaho, Zoho Reports and KlipFolio. We help our clients choose CRMs which suit their needs and culture, from simple & easy to more advanced. Our advice is based on years of management experience with on focus on making sure the tools do the job with the least amount of fuss.


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Consulting, professional development and change management services for fast-close, simplified forecasting and budgeting, and making an added-value finance team. GrowthPath is a CPA Australia Education Partner. Modelling, business plans, investment projections: we have done cash-flow and business-case modelling from marketing investments to high-tech manufacturing installations exploiting quantum mechanics.


Some tips on getting per-location costing in Dear Inventory for more accurate margins.

Dear Inventory is a cloud-based inventory system which is currently GrowthPath's default recommendation for general purpose cloud ERP systems. 

Dear has a well-thought approach to stock valuation. From the beginning Dear was designed to give users the chance of activate batch and serial number tracking for receipts, and Dear decided to fully support this with FIFO product costing per batch or serial. In fact, Dear users FIFO costing as its costing method for standard stock as well; the common choice is weighted average. FIFO and weighted average are the same over time. 

Like its competitors, such as Unleashed, Trade Gecko and Cin7, Dear allows multiple locations, but it does not keep costs per location. 

Imagine that you are receiving stock into an Australian warehouse and a New Zealand warehouse from a Chinese supplier. You may have the same FOB price, but different landed costs. Dear handles landed costs very well and they are practical to use, so you would like to see different costs at the two different sites. However, if you have a standard product without batch or serial, the FIFO calculation is maintained across all locations: the next item you sell with have the same cost price regardless of the warehouse it is shipped from. Not what we want. 

But if you activate batch costing for this product, you can solve the problem. When you receive goods, you provide a batch number. You can leave it blank, and Dear will create a batch code based on the PO number. If you apply landed costs to the order, they are also tracked against the batch. Because the batches are stored by location, shipments from the NZ warehouse will only involve batches received there. Auto-pick is smart enough to manage that if you don't want to manually choose batches. 

With this approach, costing per warehouse is quite easy, and you will have more meaningful margins. The one thing we can't do with this is keep NZ stock in NZD: if AUD is the base currency of the system, stock with supplier and third party costs in non-AUD is converted to AUD and only AUD. There is no solution.

A note about Dear's landed costs: costing is updated retrospectively, so with Dear, you can receive and ship goods without waiting for supplier and third-party invoices, and still get the benefit of landed costing.