Start a new business and get set for success


The GrowthPath Business Start package:

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  • A GrowthPath Business Plan/Business Model
  • Alignment of personal cashflow needs with the business outcome
  • A checklist for key items: company registration, GST registration, logo and slogan intellectual property
  • A checklist for saving money by using cloud options for your IT needs, and getting some basic search engine optimisation
  • Optional mentoring
  • Optional bookkeeping & GST services from a team rich in new business experience

Minimise the risk of cashflow death

Knowing your market, your product plus lots of hard work should be enough for a business to thrive. But a lack of basic financial literary kills many new businesses. If we had to pick two problems for new businesses, they are:

  1. Poor understanding of cashflow forecasting
  2. Poor prioritisation of the tasks that need focus

How GrowthPath helps new businesses

Tim Richardson teaches financials and some aspects of business law for Holmesglen's Business Enterprise Unit, which provides a number of outstanding Certificate IV programs for people starting their own business (such as the NEIS program, and private programs tailored to tradies, skilled graduates, and entrepreneurs ready to start a business or take over an existing business). These courses take around twelve weeks and for private students run after hours and on weekends. It's an outstanding program with lecturers who are experts in marketing, selling, branding, law and accounting.

Not everyone has time to take a Certificate IV in Small Business Management. We can't replicate the full content and benefits of this program, but we can distill important elements relating to Financials.

The GrowthPath team also includes strong bookkeepers. For a small business, a strong bookkeeper can be more beneficial than a good accountant.

Are you buying into a franchise? We can help you evaluate the financial outlook and value of the business you are buying into. Under the law covering franchise agreements, potential franchisees are provided with a lot of financial information. Some franchisers provide more information than others. We can help you take advantage of this data to make informed decisions (such as understanding how much of your own time you need to contribute to the business). We may also help you understand when you need more information.

More GrowthPath services for small businesses

smallBus1Online business

smallBus2Coaching in cashflow management and decision making

CFO adviceCustomer and product profitability

smallBus4Outsourcing services overseas

smallBus5Save money and increase collaboration with cloud computing

smallBus6Finance system upgrades (replacing MYOB)

For more information, please see Services for Small Businesses

Pro-bono and discounted support

At GrowthPath, we love emerging businesses. It's not a lucrative area for consultants, but we find it personally rewarding.

GrowthPath offers pro-bono and discounted support for new businesses where we feel our advice meets our desire to support community development. This may be to support a non-profit organisation, or someone starting a business from what we feel is a disadvantaged position.